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For night operations. In case of a wider catastrophy as such as an expanded blackout it is strongly recommended to listen to the emergency frequencies to every full hour in the beginning and in the following time to every third hour from five minutes before to five minutes past the time in order to gather important information and to be able to recieve incomming emergency calls and to patch them through, if neccessary. "Every third hour" means then at 3, 6, 9 und 12 o'clock.
Connection Callsign (QRA) Frequency (QRG) E-mail / QSL
CB voice 13MDF 27.175 / Ch 18 FM
27.005 / Ch 4 AM / FM / USB
26.965 / Ch 9 AM (Emergency)*
CB digital mode (JS8) 27.245 / Ch 25 USB
Freenet 149.0500 / Ch 3 FM
PMR446 446.00625 / Ch 1 FM
Ham radio [none yet] [SWL],
3.643 LSB for emergencies*
[none yet]

GMS 50° 41' 15" N
07° 07' 30" E
DG 50.68749999999999° N
07.1250000000000095° E


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